Making simple things stand out


A dot needs another dot. I am a man of routines, and my walk to work is the same every day. I know the name of the dog in the park and I know her owner, who dreams about moving to Madrid one day but has checked real estate prices and boy is it more expensive than I thought it would be. A step needs another step, and not thinking about them lets me get ready for the day, make a phone call or grab coffee without losing much time.

Illustration of Consuelo the dog chasing a ball

Illustration by Silvia Fernández Palomar

Sometimes I need to run an errand or visit the doctor, and my route changes, and then the world changes: they’re opening a new restaurant that looks nice, annoying works are blocking the street, and isn’t that building beautiful.

A dot needs another dot. Another dot and eyes follow. You are drawing a line, the viewer knows what comes next: another dot. One more dot and, before they notice, they are drawing perfect lines. Now they can’t see the dots. Lines are drawn unconsciously and they can focus on what’s important.

It is now possible to grab their attention: just stop adding dots, or make the next one fatter, or break the rhythm and leave some space.

Changing the world is easy, you just need to define an unchanged world first.