How to start a publication

A commitment to write an article a day


Writing articles is easy. Just pick a topic and write about it, then develop it until you are happy with the result.

Blogging (is that still a word?) is a bit harder. You have to hit publish.

Others might read your article and have an opinion. They might even share it. You may not like it.

So you could always open a new browser tab and soon you will be reading new stories. Articles not written by you. And other people will be sharing their opinion about it. Now you are jealous, angry, happy, in disagreement or just with a new point of view. Should you share it? Starting to write articles is easy. Now you have a topic you can write about.

But you need to be generous and hit publish.

Ask somebody to read your article. They might encourage you to publish it. They might even draw an illustration to go along with it.


Illustration by Silvia Fernández Palomar

Now it looks better. Now you hit publish. Now you have a publication.