Seven product reads

Links I probably sent you during our first few weeks working together

I find myself sharing the same articles over and over again with people I work with.

Lucky me, two great designers joined the team yesterday and, as I was collecting a few links to send them, I thought I might as well publish them here and have this post as a reference.

They are articles that help me teach designers Product Management frameworks, or mentor less experienced Product Managers on Business concepts, or just align with anybody on a specific idea that someone else has already explained better than I could ever do.

1. SaaS Metrics to Measure and Improve

Useful to understand how a subscription software business work, and then make decisions by looking at numbers that tell you what’s going well and what not.

2. North Star Playbook

Developed by the Amplitude team, in previous episodes I explained how I find it useful when defining a product’s strategy.

3. RICE: Simple prioritization for product managers

Once you’ve understood your metrics and set a goal to improve one of them, this framework developed by the Intercom team is useful to align on a way to prioritize all the good ideas you, your partners and your customers will have.

4. Why Roadmaps Suck

This Twitter thread by Janna Bastow is useful when you need to win an argument on why it’s probably a waste of time to build that 2 year roadmap.

5. Fixed Time, Variable Scope

Part of Basecamp’s Shape Up book. Useful when you need to win an argument on why it’s probably a waste of time to make estimates, and it’s usually better to think about how much to invest and then scope accordingly.

6. Project Thinking vs Product Thinking

Another thread, by Shreyas Doshi. This absolute piece of wisdom helps those who are more used to making plans based on estimates and following them rather than to thinking about why and anticipating risks, and thus have a hard time cutting features.

7. Lenny’s Product Management templates

A few shortcuts to getting things done. I’m specially fan of Lenny’s personal 1 pager template (Google Docs).

That’s it for now. I will be probably be adding more links here as I see fit in the future :)